David’s poem for Poetry Day

Today is Poetry Day Ireland, this is a poem written by Bray man, David P. Carroll for all the children that are in Hospital and those who have passed due to the Coronavirus

Cocooning Caterpillar.

As I sing a happy tune
The little Caterpillar

Away in my
Back garden today
Come out of your cocoon
As things change today
It’s beauty
So beautiful like a
Beautiful butterfly
Come out of
Your cocoon
Little Caterpillar
fly away soon.

Cocooning Caterpillar.

Cocooned away
In the old oak
Tree today
Lives a
Little Caterpillar
hiding herself
in a Cocooned​ way
In her own back yard
hoping to keep
The virus
At Bay
Lives this
Little Caterpillar
Cocooning her
Life away..

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