Irish Rail to close car park at Kilcoole for Easter week-end

Irish Rail are to close the car park at Kilcoole railway station for the duration of Easter week-end.

Local Councillor Tom Fortune said he was notified this evening thatthe car park will be closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday this coming week-end.

Speaking to Wicklownews Councillor Fortune said ” Gardai and the County Council will not be allowing any cars to park on the road leading to the beach and any that do will be towed away, the Sea road will be only open to pedestrians who should only be local.

Last week-end the Sea road was like the M50, people were coming from all over the place, Gardai have enough to be doing as it is, the message is plain and simple “Stay at home” it is very, very important that people adhere to the guidelines that have been set down by the government.

It is up to everyone of us to prevent the spread of Covid-19, so please co-opreate.”

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