Public asked not to leave donations at doors of Charity shops

Charity organisations throughout the county are asking members of the public not to leave donations at the doors of the shops.

The shops have remained closed since the Government Restrictions and staff do not attend to the shops on a daily basis.

During the present restrictions householders have taken to spring cleaning, which in turn is leading to a rise in donations.

Speaking to Wicklownews a Charity shop volunteer said ” Unfortunately we are not in a position to take donations at the moment and would ask anyone who wishes to donate to hold on until the stores are open again, we have seen an increase in items being left at the doors and not all are donations, some have just left bags of rubbish including grass clippings. Sunday night is the night which sees the most items left at the shops.”

Dumping is on the increase around the county in the past number of weeks despite Government Restrictions and the large Garda presence on many roads.

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