What songs are stuck in your head during Government Restrictions?

During these strange and crazy times there is always one place to turn for solace and that is the world of music.

To get away from the world you can always turn on Spotify, your iPod or whatever your choice and listen to your favorite tunes, but lately even it can throw up a tune reminding you of present times.

Wicklow singer Kim Hayden posted a song on her social media pages, Tears for fears “Mad World” saying ” I couldn’t think of any other song but this one for right now. It is a mad world , keep well and safe peeps.”

which you can see and hear below, we have also posted a few tunes that go with the times, oh and one we have stuck in our heads “Chicken in the corn” by Bushy one string, but can’t think why.

Send us your song and we will make our top 10, take care.

Mad World – Cover

Its been a while guys hello again …MAD WORLD – COVER

Posted by Kim Hayden Music on Tuesday, 21 April 2020