Harris Urges Wicklow to #HoldFirm

Wicklow Minister Simon Harris has thanked the people of Wicklow for the high level of compliance with the vast majority of people adhering with public health guidelines.

Minister Harris said

“Since the 8th of April new COVID policing regulations have had to be invoked 241 times out of hundreds of thousands of interactions across the country. The emphasis continues to be placed on policing by consent with Gardaí in the community aiming to engage, educate and encourage before applying enforcement, which is used as a last resort.

As we move further into phase one, and throughout every stage of the roadmap, we need this level of compliance to continue. We have worked hard and done well so far and everyone needs to be willing to continue to work together to keep the progress going. The Gardaí are there to support us in doing that but ultimately it is up to every individual to take responsibility for their own role”.

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