Irish beef farmers to benefit from re-opening of McDonald’s drive-through

Yesterday, in what was welcome news for many, fast food giants McDonald’s announced that they would be re-opening once again, offering a drive-through service in compliance with social distancing measures.

The IFA (Irish Farmers Association) are saying that some 60,000 Irish beef farmers will benefit from this re-opening, as McDonald’s is one of the largest buyers in the industry.

They are also among the biggest buyers of dairy and bakery products in the country.

Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed, has said:

“McDonald’s is a valued key purchaser of Irish produce and an employer of a large number of people throughout Ireland.”

“The last couple of months have been undoubtedly tough,” he continued, “both economically and socially, but the recent announcement from Government on the phased reopening of the country, offers reassurance and hope for brighter days ahead.”

McDonald’s are set to reopen next week amid the possibility that other sectors might also reopen following some vital decision-making at the end of the week.

The company directly contributed €196 million to the Irish economy in 2017. According to IFA president Tim Cullinan, the company regularly spends €160 million on as much as 40,000 tonnes of beef per year.

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