Irish Hairdressers Federation appeal to government for earlier re-opening

The Irish Hairdressers Federation are calling on the government to allow salons to open their doors in late June as opposed to late July.

The group, which represents over 400 salon owners and over 5,000 stylists in the country, are appealing to the government to allow them to re-open earlier during Phase Three on June 29th instead of the planned Phase Four on July 20th.

The incoming president of the IHF, Danielle Kennedy, has said that hair salons are prepared and well-equipped to operate under the government’s covid-19 measures and should be able to re-open during Phase Three of the opening up of the Irish economy.

Speaking with RTÉ News, Ms. Kennedy said that some of the measures taken would include appointment-only service and short screenings and a temperature reading that would allow staff to determine whether or not the customer’s health has been compromised.

It is expected that Leo Varadkar will consider speeding up the process of opening up certain businesses as long as new cases continue to decline, but that any decision made will be based on the progress we make in supressing the virus.

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