Michelle Whelan on healing and meditation

By Michelle Whelan

Coming from what appeared to people on the outside, to be the perfect life, I was in fact taking between 8-10 Xanax a day, sleeping tablets, anti-depressants, simply to make it through the day. What lead to that point is not important, what I did afterwards – is.

Dying on the inside for many years, I reached breaking point on 15th June 2017 and crashed completely, I didn’t want to go on. Heavily medicated, I have no recollection of the 4 days that followed. I only know that I woke up, maybe for the first time, 4 days later, and remember thinking, I can fight or I can die. I chose to fight.

Having worked all of my life in the corporate sector, I had been studying many different healing modalities, meditation techniques, self-nurturing and resilience courses for 14 years outside of work. Now it was time to put them to use. First of all, to heal myself, then others.

Now with a passion to empower anyone who felt lost, abused, worthless, or desperate, to gift themselves the time they deserve to find and heal themselves, and to know their value and worth in this world, I set up Inner Smile in September 2017.

The greatest gift I have been given is to work with many people, both men and women, and to walk their path with them until they no longer need help, and are confident and strong enough to walk it alone as the best version of themselves.

Inner Smile is not just about healing and meditation, but about empowerment and teaching/coaching those I meet how to live a balanced, stress free life while still achieving their goals & dreams.

Following that I set up a monthly Women’s Circle based in Arklow, as a platform for women to come to one Sunday in each month, a safe place where they can exchange ideas, hear professionals speak, and be supported and accepted for who they are. Ladies from Wexford, Wicklow, and Dublin have attended and I work with Pieta House in that all proceeds are given to them. I have had law experts, fitness gurus, singers and chefs all speak at these meetings, Pieta House have also attended.

Most recently I have ventured into corporate speaking and have been hired by some of the country’s largest companies to speak with their employees about all things wellness and meditation related.

Life for me now consists of healings, weekly meditation classes and corporate bookings, meaning that I can also be home for my daughters and granddaughter. In my spare time I’m writing a book and doing plenty of mountain climbing! Life is balanced and filled with gratitude.

The greatest lesson I have learned, and one I hope to pass on to those I meet, is that everyone has a story. It’s what you do with it that matters. This much I know for sure. Each of us is capable of great things, and each of us has a unique purpose.

Michelle Whelan is a life and mindfulness coach, and her Inner Smile community aims to help people enhance themselves mentally and physically through health and wellness. You can visit her official website here.

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