What you need to know about Phase One

As Ireland begins the first phase in re-opening society and business, many questions have been asked about what allowances will be made, and how we can keep coronavirus numbers down while returning to something approaching normal.

Today is the day that new government guidelines will be released regarding ‘Phase One’ of easing the lockdown restrictions we have experienced since March.

What has been made clear is this; people can leave their home for a wider range of reasons and will be able to meet up in small groups. Some stores and public amenaties will re-open, but the 5km travel restrictions will remain in place.

Social distancing and respiratory hygiene will still be a vital part of life, even with these slighly eased restrictions.

Groups of four people who are not from the same household will be able to meet outdoors within 5km of their homes, as long as strict social distancing measures are maintained.

People will be allowed to practice non-contact sport and exercise within 5km of their homes.

Those who are cocooning are being asked to avoid physical contact with others where possible, except to walk or drive within 5km of their home.

Public amenaties such as parks, historical sites, public gardens, and much more will also reopen.

Outdoor workers will begin a phased return to work, while those who have been working from home are being asked to remain working remotely until plans are put in place for them to return.

Some garden centres and hardware stores will re-open, and so will shops that offer IT or office supplies for those working remotely.

However, all stores will open with strict social distancing measures in place.

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