The TAC V+: German technology that could keep Wicklow businesses open

Despite scientists proving it for months, health organisations are finally starting to acknowledge that Covid-19 can spread through small droplet particles that linger in the air.

This transmission method, known as airborne transmission, was greatly underestimated by the WHO and other groups; now it is being considered the primary method of virus spread in ‘Superspreader’ events.

However, Irish virus protection company ViriiQuip has a solution to airborne Covid-19 – a new air purifier which kills 99.995% of the virus in the air.

ViriiQuip’s TAC V+ is the only portable air purifier that has been tested and verified to remove Covid-19 from micro droplets and aerosols.

Its technology is already being used across Germany to clear a safe path for businesses to remain open – so why are we not using it here?

German meat industry giant Tönnies was forced to close one of its factories after reporting over 1,300 cases of Covid-19 – it was later given approval by Germany’s Department of the Environment to reopen after a number of these machines were installed.

Germany’s Minister for the Environment Svenja Schulze has endorsed these devices and proposed them as a solution for schools to keep their staff and children safe.

The machine is designed and manufactured in Germany, a country which has pioneered ventilation and virus-killing technology for over 30 years.

The bread and butter of the TAC V+ is what’s called a HEPA-14 Filter; a Special Heat Resistant Filter installed in the machine that sucks up tiny particles and aerosols that carry infectious viruses.

The machine then uses thermal decontamination technology to kill these viruses, before blasting completely new, clean air into the environment using a high-powered fan.

Current Covid-19 Safety Practices Are Not Enough

Social distancing, face coverings, plexiglass screens and hand sanitising helps protect people from direct contact infection – but these measures do nothing to prevent the virus from spreading through aerosols and micro droplets in the air. This method of transmission is most prominent within indoor areas.

ViriiQuip’s TAC V+ is the technology that can keep any indoor or poorly ventilated space completely protected from airborne viruses.

The machine is suitable for use in a range of settings including nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, retail outlets and office spaces, according to ViriiQuip.

ViriiQuip’s National Sales Manager, Kevin Flynn said: “The TAC V+ Air Purifier uses technology that no other air purifier on the market is using. It filters out particles and aerosols in the air and uses Thermal Decontamination technology to remove any viruses contained within them.

“Other machines will generally use chemicals to disinfect the area around it, but our TAC V+ Air Purifier uses only heat. It’s the only 100% environmentally-friendly solution available on the Irish market.”

The machine doesn’t require any installation and can be moved from room to room; “simply plug it in and go,” Flynn said.

“We understand that businesses are worried about staying open at such a sensitive time, and that’s why we want to make the TAC V+ a part of the conversation as soon as possible,” he added.

The TAC V+ in action

The TAC V+ has been adopted by medium and large-scale businesses in Germany including co-working giant Rent24 – which has 70 locations – and international hotel chain TrypMeliá Group.

Several Irish businesses are already making use of ViriiQuip’s technology.

Paul Kiernan, Head of Store Development for Homesavers Ireland said: “As an essential reatiler, The TAC V+ has allowed Homesavers to further enhance its Covid-19 Health & Safety Measures, for the wellbeing of both customers and staff. For any business that wishes to return to some sort of normality during the ongoing pandemic, this technology will be crucial.”

Pure Fitness Gym Arklow, Co Wicklow had been using a ViriiQuip TAC V+ to protect their customers since its doors re-opened. The business owner Joe McDonald said that all gym members felt much more secure and safe since the TAC V+ was installed.

“Everyone can see it in action, which gives people re-assurance that they’re in a Zero-Covid environment,” McDonald said.

Josh McKenna, Director of Workspace – a co-working solution in Wicklow Town – said his business would have to close without the TAC V+: “Until lockdown, we had numerous teams using our offices, and the TAC V+ offered an ideal way for us to keep the business open. Combined with social distancing, screens and sanitising station, the machine gives our facilities total protection from Covid-19.”

Further information about the TAC V+ can be found at

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