Wicklow nursing home issue appeal for volunteers

A nursing home in Wicklow Town has made an appeal for volunteers due to the Covid-19 crises.

Knockrobin Hill Care Home issued a letter to the families of residents explaining staff rosters are coming under increasing pressure due to the virus.

The letter asks family members to join a pool of volunteers to help carry out duties at the nursing home and it adds advance testing and garda vetting would be arranged. 

Twenty of the 70 residents at Knockrobin Hill have tested positive for Covid-19 along with four staff members.

Speaking to RTE News CEO of Curam Healthcare which runs Knockrobin Hill said;

“We have an outbreak in the home of positive cases which are all asymptomatic. As a result of this we foresaw that we might have an issue coming down the line and we have two options in our contingency plan.

“One is to contact the HSE for support, the other is to reach out to the wider community. 

“The reason for the letter going out to patient’s families was to see if any of them would like to become part of a pool to volunteers to help on the phones or to help with the laundry or in catering or serving food,” said Mr White. 

He added “There is enough staff at Knockrobin at the moment” and the letter is part of a contingency if things get worse.”

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