Greystones notes week February 8th

Please forward notices to Kathleen Kelleher,  2875327/087 2845465,

Keep up to date with what is going on !!

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Wicklow County Council Road Works on Windgates

WCC announces that there will be major roadworks on the R761 at Windgates.

The works are being carried out to facilitate safety improvements to the road for all users.

Works relate only to provision of improved and widened footpaths.

Works will commence on Monday,  8 February, 2021 and continue for 8 weeks.

It is hoped that the roadworks will be completed by 2 April 2021.

WCC apologies for any inconvenience.

Paul Byrne from Greystones has the story:

Greystones Guide | Major Road Works At WindgatesGreystones Guide

Wicklow Local Sports Partnership|Older Adult Home Exercise Booklet

Wicklow Local Sports Partnership now have available an Older Adult Home Exercise Booklet.

Adults of all ages should be physically active,  at a moderate intensity,  daily for at least 30 minutes.

The exercises in the booklet are inclusive,  impactful and sustainable opportunities to be active.

The booklet is available online from:

Details and hard copies from Wicklow Local Sports Partnership,  0404 20100.

New Leaflets to Simplify the Planning Process

New leaflets to simplify the planning processed have been introduced.

The leaflets explain the planning system in a clear and concise way.

They answer questions and give advice on a wide range of planning related topics.

The purpose is to make the planning system clear from a public perspective.

And to inform people how they can participate in it.

Details from


Week ending 24 January 2021.

Greystones North                               No reports

Garda JP Connolly                        

           Greystones South                                No reports.

            Garda Alan Thompson                  

Delgany/Killincarrig/Charlesland     No reports.

Garda Maria Curtis                                   

            Kilcoole                                               Burglary at derelict Kilcoole Golf Club.

            Garda Molly Corbett                     


Week ending 31 January 2021.

Greystones North                               No reports

Garda JP Connolly                        

           Greystones South                                2 x damage to vehicles on Church Road

            Garda Alan Thompson                  

Delgany/Killincarrig/Charlesland     Criminal damage:  window of house damaged.

Garda Maria Curtis                                   

            Kilcoole                                               No reports.

            Garda Molly Corbett                     

Garda slot on the Morning Show with Declan Meehan at East Coast FM.

A Garda talks about security and other pending issues of the week.

Be sure and tune in for all the latest policing updates !!

If you see anything suspicious,  please report to Greystones Garda Station 6665800.

Garda Confidential Number             1800 666 111

Greystones Garda Station               666 5800

EPA Noise Pollution                       1890 20 20 21

Crimestoppers                             1800 25 00 25                                     8360911

Traffic Watch                              1890 205 805

Dog Warden                                0404 44873

Crime Victims Helpline                   1850 211 407

Our Community Guards have circulated a list of various online services.

Some of these very helpful links are listed below.

More to come over the next few weeks.

Thank you,  Community Guards,  for keeping us up to date.

Jigsaw Wicklow

Are you a young person going through a difficult time ??

Are you concerned about a young person ??

Please contact Jigsaw Wicklow,  01.5240796 or

Jigsaw works with young people,  12 to 25,  who live,  work or go to school in Wicklow.

Their hub is located on Parnell Road in Bray,  two minutes from McDonald’s.

Great resources,  articles and direct support on

Paul Byrne from Greystones has the story:

Greystones Guide | Piece By PieceGreystones Guide

Mental Health and Wellbeing

A guide to minding your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental health Supports and Services During COVID-19:

Stress Control|Online Stress Reduction Course Now Ongoing

Stress Control will teach you great skills to fight stress.

For most of us,  stress is a mix of anxiety and depression,  panicky feelings,  poor sleep.

Stress Control will boost your well being.

Details from

Free Text Help|50808

50808 is a free text service.

It provides everything from a calming chat to immediate support.

Text 50808 is for people going through a mental health or emotional crisis.

Big or small.

Text 50808 is a very useful service to have on hand during these difficult times.

Test HELLO to 50808 to start a conversation,  any time … day or night.

Details from

Domestic,  Sexual & Gender Based Violence Services Information

Please remember that Covid restrictions on movements do not apply:

  • When escaping from a risk of harm or
  • Seeking to access domestic abuse services.

Online Counselling Service for Members of the Travelling Community

Parenting Support|A Lust for Life

Dr. Malie Coyne,  Clinical Psychologist,  offers help for parents.

Dr. Coyne is an author and Member of Mental Health Advisory Panel.

  • Lockdown Support for Parents
  • Weekly Broadcast|Parenting with Compassion

COVID-19 Information

Exercise Can Help Your Vaccination

A brisk 30 minute walk 2-3 times a week will make your vaccine more effective!

Taking Vitamin D

All people should be taking 800-1000 IU/day for immune health.

If you think you may be deficient, take 4000 IU/day for 4 weeks before reducing daily dose. This applies to everyone but especially people in extremely medically vulnerable category.

This includes over 70s and people with obesity.

Here are a news article and an academic article:

Do You Have Trouble Collecting Your Pension ??

Special arrangements are in place for collections of pensions.

You can nominate a Temporary Agent to collect your pension for you.

Special forms for are available at Greystones Post Office,  Meridian Point Centre.

This is a very helpful and useful service for those who are  unable to go out.

Wicklow County Council Free Phone Helpline:  1800 868 399

WCC has a very useful contact number for those who need assistance during pandemic.

Over a dozen agencies and organisations are involved in helping.

Help can be given for deliveries of groceries,  medicines and fuels.

In some instances,  there can be transport to test centres.

The aim is ensure that vulnerable members of the Community are protected.

Please ensure that no one is without during these special times.

Helpline is open seven days a week,  8 am to 8 pm.

1800 868 399 and

Volunteers to help with this service are welcome at the Free Phone number.

Greystones Meals on Wheels

Greystones Meals on Wheels operates its service two days a week.

This is an excellent long running Greystones service.

Delicious meals delivered right to your door by friendly helpers.

You might know of someone who could benefit.

Or you might like to avail of the service yourself !!

Details from Greystones Health Centre,  01.2877311.

Volunteers to help the service are most welcome.

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