The group interview, different personalities and how to deal with them it – Part four

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There are few things that can be more stressful than the prospect of a group interview. Unlike its one-on-one counterpart, in the group interview you have to compete for your assessor’s attention but in a non-obvious way. You do not want to be over-domineering or seem as if you cannot work in a team setting. Of course, there will be people who set out to rule the roost from the get-go.

Your task will be figuring out the best way to deal with them. In a group interview, you will find a whole array of different personalities, ranging from loud and proud to shy and observant.  The best way to prepare for such an experience is to figure out how to identify those different personalities and how to deal with them. If you master this, you can then insert yourself as organizer of the group effortlessly and without looking like you are trying to dominate the conversation.

Companies look to hire people who can collaborate well and so it is important you learn to read the room and the various personalities in front of you.

The best way to break down these personality types is by colour. As a general rule, personality types can be broken down into four different colours; Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. People may be a mixture of some or all of these colours but being able to identify what personality traits they are showing will help you regardless. You could have someone who seems to have a red personality but in certain circumstances might display blue behaviour. Recognising this could help with making your interactions with them as useful and productive as possible.

Over the past few weeks we have discussed three of the four different personality types and how to deal with them. Having previously covered the Blue, Red and Yellow personality types in our previous articles, today we come to the discussion of the fourth and final colour category; the Green personality.

What is a Green Personality?
If you feel that the other colour categories, we have discussed so far have not been describing you or your work ethic, than you are most likely someone with a green personality. The first thing you need to know about the “Green” personality is that it is the most common personality type out there. Typically, a green personality is known to be calm, leisurely, easy-going, passive, kind, selfless, collaborative and as good listeners. The overarching thread is that Green’s do not stick out as much as the other colours but they to lend a very important, and often needed, serenity to different situations. They do not kick up a fuss unnecessarily or demand to much from the people around them and will do everything they can to avoid offending people.

People with the green personality will always strive to fit in and because of this they are the most tolerant of the personalities. Relationships are very important to people with the green personality. They will invest in all types of relationships and once they have forged that relationship, they will hold onto it for life if they can.

Furthermore, they will do everything in their power to save your relationship if problems or anything arise. Due to their deep investment in their friendships, Greens will always be more interested in listening to you than talking about themselves. This listening capability actually makes them ideal for a sales or customer service role.

Similarly, when it comes to being in a team, family or group, they will always put that unit before the individual. One of their biggest struggles can be with change. However, if you can justify the change and given them enough time to process, they will eventually be prepared to try new things.

How do you work with a Green personality?

Greens are known as the most “balanced” of the personality colours and is often a key person to have around in a team as they counterbalance the other more extreme behavioural traits. They are great for calming down confused yellows and excellent at warming up blues. They tend to bring serenity and cohesion to their working environment and enjoy having stability and predictability in work, at home and in life.

Greens will always look after people, whether they are friends, acquaintances or clients, they will go above and beyond for them. If a green says they will do something you can be sure that they will deliver. It won’t be done in the shortest amount of time possible, but it will be completed within the expected timeframe.

Greens don’t want to fail at doing something as it may cause trouble for others. Their desire to please almost verges on a driving force for greens. This means that Greens are very reliable employees. They will constitute the stable core of a business and will do the job well. You will always know what a green’s response or reaction to something will be as they rarely change their opinions.

The way the green personality sees it if the group is happy that means every individual is happy. It can be difficult however to get a straight answer from a green as they want to please everyone and avoid strife within the group.

Due to the green’s traits of being a team player and their people pleasing tendencies, they can never say no when someone asks them for help. This means that their workload is always a lot and that people will often take advantage of a green because of their good-natured trait. If you are managing a green personality, it is important to make sure that they are not being overworked or being taken advantage of by other people in the office.

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