Purple House Global Cycle Challenge

Over the past two years and during Covid19, Purple House volunteer drivers have driven Cancer patients the distance of driving around the globe (40,000km) bringing patients to their chemotherapy treatments.

This April, join us as we virtually cycle around the world to support Cancer patients across Ireland!

Our collective goal is to cycle 40,000km and to raise €40,000.

Whether you cycle 5km a week or 50km, you can help us reach our goal!

Grab your bike and cycle within the Covid Government restrictions near where you live or jump on the turbo trainer at home and clock up the miles!

After each spin, log your miles on your idonate page and track our collective progress around the globe!

Free Purple House bandana for each cyclist!

Sign up at www.purplehouse.ie

We need your help to keep driving Cancer patients into hospitals and we are asking you to sign up to the Purple House Global Cycle Challenge today!

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