Wicklow RNLI assist sailor on yacht with mechanical problems

Wicklow all-weather lifeboat went to the assistance of a sailor on a 26 ft yacht on Wednesday (30 June).

The yacht was located near Bray Head around Midday and was found to have some mechanical problems, but it still had propulsion and was able to motor back to port.

The yacht was escorted into nearby Greystones harbour by the lifeboat and arrived at lunchtime. Once the yacht was safely alongside the marina, Wicklow Lifeboat returned to Station.

Speaking after the callout, Lifeboat Press Officer, Tommy Dover said: ‘The sailor was able to contact the Coast Guard for assistance today, and we strongly encourage you to take a means of calling for help that is most suitable for your activity on the water, such as a Marine VHF radio or mobile phone. We advise that you make sure you know how to use it and keep it within reach at all times.’

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