A Wicklow Christmas stocking filler #1

A Wicklow Christmas stocking filler #1 is a book by Mick Larkin from Wicklow Town, Ramblings of a Gobshite contains 52 poems one for each week of the year and costs €10, you can purchase the book online at ramblingsofagobshite.com Stan and Tony’s, Wicklow Town and Beat That Records, Arklow.

Mick explains the story behind his book

“Having retired after being thirty years in An Garda Siochana, twenty five of those years as a Detective, I was still only 51.

The rest of my life was to be and is still coaching and refereeing basketball in the Club I set up 34 years ago in Wicklow town where I was stationed.

During my final years in the job it became more apparent that there was a lot more to life than I knew.

One day I decided to get a psychic card reading done with an amazing woman in Camolin.

She told me go back and write my poetry, there is a book in it that has to be written.

I had only written funny poems in work and had not written in 20 years. So I laughed and thought no more of it. Within a month I wrote a poem and posted it on a page I had joined called Positive Recombobbers.

The poem got over 200 likes and I was blown away. Two hundred poems later during Covid and encouragement to do my book, here we are. The poems never took me more than 15 minutes to write and flowed daily. I have learned so much from these poems, I know you the reader will too.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who encouraged me to do this, thanks to your kind words I am here today. The inspiration of the Recombobbers and Moira Geary. My sister Patricia who just would not let me stop. All the divine inspiration that came daily, and the knowledge that a Gobshites wisdom is often very true.

Thank you so much.”

Mick Larkin

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