Councillor welcomes increase in charges for dangerous parking


Green Party Councillor Erika Doyle has welcomed the introduction of new regulations increasing the fixed charge penalty for parking on footpaths, cycle tracks and bus lanes, describing this type of parking as a ‘huge issue’ in Bray.

The new regulations, which come into effect on February 1st, will increase the charge to motorists caught parking illegally from E40 to E80. Councillor Doyle said, “It is hoped these increases will act as a deterrent to this type of parking, which is not only inconsiderate but dangerous for other motorists and for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.”Every day in Bray I see this type of inconsiderate parking which has a number of effects on the movement of people and traffic.

Parking on footpaths is a dangerous manoevre in itself, as the car drives over a kerb and onto an area where pedestrians are not expecting to have to enact caution against a moving vehicle. Wheelchair and buggy users are often forced onto the road as the remaining space is too narrow to pass. Parking on cycle lanes forces cyclists to have to swerve around the obstruction and this is particularly upsetting to observe in the case of children making their way to and from school.

Children are encouraged to cycle for health and environmental reasons, and are keen to do so, but they should not have to take their lives in their hands while cycling.”I encourage our local gardai to enforce these regulations, particularly in areas around schools. I have raised the issue of parking on cycle lanes and footpaths at our joint policing committee meetings and was assured by the Superintendent that he would raise it with his members.

Recent accidents in the city centre causing life changing injuries and in some instances deaths to cyclists show that this type of parking should be viewed as more than a minor inconvenience, it creates a very real danger to life.”I hope that this increase in fixed penalty charge will have a deterrent effect and help make Bray and other towns in Wicklow safer, more family friendly areas to walk and cycle,” concluded Cllr Doyle.

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