Sarah Ryan: The Style Coach helping women improve their wardrobe and confidence

With so many fashion outlets available to us, both online and in store, it has never been easier to purchase clothes – even the ones you don’t really need.

The Style Coach, AKA Sarah Ryan, helps women who have lots of clothes in their wardrobe but no idea what to wear or lack the confidence to pull off the look.

“I work with women who have lots of clothes in their wardrobe, but cannot seem to put outfits together,” Sarah told WicklowNews.Net. “The problem is people are wearing 20% of their wardrobe, 80% of time. So, a lot of people out there are wasting money on poor style and can’t put anything together.”

Ms Ryan said people often rely on the same old outfits and their confidence takes knock because of that.

“Then it turns into a vicious cycle. So I stop that cycle by helping people understand what works best for them.”

She also helps tackle any mindset issues that might pop up along the way around style or body image for her clients.

Speaking more about the process of her work, Sarah said: “I use a combination of skills to do this. So classic side and skills like colour consultations, body shape consultations, wardrobe and personal shopping.

“But I also use my skills in neurolinguistic programming to tackle any kind of those mindset issues that I mentioned that might pop up and thereby getting them to a place where they have unshakeable confidence in themselves from the inside out.”

Neurolinguistic programming, also known as NLP, is a set of tools and techniques that help you understand your mind so that you can use it to your advantage, to live a happier life.

Ms Ryan stresses the service she offers is not a ‘makeover’ but rather a lifestyle change which is a long term project.

“There are shows out there that are, you know, they’re makeover shows as I call them. But what I do is not a makeover. It’s a transformation because I’m working with the identity of a person, I’m working with the beliefs, the values of a person, not just putting clothes on them,” she said.

“This is something that people take on as a lifetime project. When I work with people they’re investing in themselves and in their future.”

Sarah said fast fashion plays a role in some women struggling with their wardrobe and look.

“The prevalence of inexpensive clothing has meant that people aren’t putting the same consideration into their choices as they might with something that’s maybe at a higher price point,” she said.

For Ms Ryan working with her clients, it all starts with a chat over the phone where she can get a flavour of the person and their style.

“I would tailor my work to the needs of that person, generally seeking a starting point which would be what I call the style essentials. So understanding a person’s style, personality, their colour palette and their body shape. These are the absolute must knows for getting your style right from there.”

The Style Coach was established just before the pandemic which meant Sarah had to move her services online, which, she says, proved to be highly successful and she now runs an online course for her clients.

Ms Ryan is apart of Network Ireland and their Wicklow branch, which she says is the best thing that has happened for her business.

“You know, there is great support in the network,” she said. “If you ever have a question, there’s somebody there who can help you out.

“My photographer that I use is in the network, my accountant is in the network, it’s my first port of call when I need something for my business is. So it’s been fantastic.”

Network Ireland recently held their Businesswoman of the Year Awards in in which Sarah won the Power Within Champion category.

Women who are interested in becoming a client of Sarah’s or want more information can visit her website – – for more information.

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