Farzana Maudarbaccus: The woman empowering you to find happiness

Throughout our lifetime we all experience bumps in the road, whether that be personally or professionally – and one woman is determined to help empower people to find their happiness.

Farzana Maudarbaccus is an organisational psychologist and a transition and leadership coach. Farzana says she has always been fascinated by human beings from a very young age and has always in some way observed or questioned how human beings behave in different situations.

“I started my initial training around 15 or16 years ago, in organisational psychology,” she said. “This part of the business is really working with small and larger organisations.”

“So many organisations now do assessments to know where people are. So what’s working well, and also what needs to be improved on and then there is coaching after that.”

She continued: “Then there’s the coaching, which is more for individuals. So that transition coaching is about helping mums and dads who become become parents, whose values and perspective on life has changed because they are now a parent.

“And very often, you know, there are moms, especially moms who’ve taken a career break and want to go back to work but don’t want to go back to their old roles, so they want to find something that is more fulfilling.”

Farzana says she works with fathers who need help finding time for themselves to do things that are fulfilling to them.

The coach added that the pandemic was an “eye opener” to people and made them value their time more but also gave them time to reflect on their lives.

WicklowNews.Net asked Farzana what advice she’d give to someone who wants to work towards their goals or just simply needs advice.

“I think it’s getting clear about what you want, it’s about hearing that inner voice that’s telling you something that you shushing,” she said.

“I find, you know, working with a coach is really about going into your thoughts and into whatever is kind of hidden.

“By being a coach, I’m merely reflecting what people are saying to me.”

Farzana started her business officially just one year ago and was shortlisted in the Network Ireland Wicklow branch’s Businesswoman of the Year Awards.

Speaking about her nomination, she said: “I really, I really think it’s a great testimony about how the business is doing and what the judges have seen in the potential. It’s very encouraging and motivating.”

She concluded: “It’s such an achievement because it’s only my first year of business. So it’s really, really huge for me to have this so early on in my business journey.”

:: To find out more about Farzana and her services, you can visit her website, farzanaconsulting.com

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