Taking a holistic approach to a healthier, happier and fitter you


Nowadays we’re all aware of the importance of trying to stay healthy – and that being healthy doesn’t just mean being physically in shape. One health coach, who operates out of the garden county, is keen to teach her clients that health comes in many different forms.

Cristíona Aston is a holistic health, fitness and lifestyle coach who is based at The Stable Studio in stunning Killruddery House and Gardens. She also holds a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University along with a LLB from DBS.

From The Stable Studio Aston runs strength and conditioning classes that are open to all fitness levels. She also offers online and in person health coaching – passionately bringing her clients the “essential” combination of exercise, nutrition, habit stacking, breathe work and sleep.

Aston’s approach to health has been shaped by her childhood, one which she remembers fondly.

“We had a beautiful childhood in the West,” she told WicklowNews.Net.

“I have to give a lot of credit to my health today to the way I was raised by my mother and father.” Aston recalls “My mother was a Homeopath, and was really into lifestyle medicine, before it ever became a buzz word. I actually don’t remember going to a doctor as a child, or ever being sick really.”

“We had a large vegetable garden with some pet goats, hens, ducks etc, so we ate a lot of really great fresh and of course organic food. We also played outside every day, exposed to lots of germs, animals and plants so we developed a healthy immune system. These early years of our lives really sow the seeds of health or disease as an adult.” She continued: “I think how children are raised is a crucial foundation for healthy adulthood”.

“I also liked sports growing up. I was really into running, horse riding, tennis and basketball when I was in school.”

Cristíona offers hour long group sessions at The Stable Studio, which consists of a warm up, followed by a full-body strength and conditioning workout. The classes are adaptable for every fitness level and are open to all.

For one-to-one or couples coaching Cristíona offers tailored made sessions focused on your needs, goals and schedule. Address bad eating habits, lose excess weight, build healthy muscle, get help shopping for and preparing healthy nutritious meals, work on habit stacking, accountability and good sleep hygiene.

“Our bodies are such a beautiful thing,” she said. “When we actually look after our health, there’s no particular reason as we get older that we have to get sick – it is possible to be fit and healthy into our 80s and 90s and beyond”.

Cristíona finishes “I offer a relatable, cost effective service to get you healthier to live the life you want to live, regardless of your present condition or age”.

For more information about Cristíona’s services and to contact her, visit her website.

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