New Year brings new Digital Jury Summons platform for Wicklow

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As courts resume across the country today for 2023 – People in Wicklow can start using a new Courts Service online portal to answer jury summons; to follow the status of their reply; and to catch real time updates on any changes to their jury service details:

The start of 2023 sees Jury Summons received in Wicklow offering people the option to reply online. This new, easy-to-use online system will allow people the option to reply to a Jury Summons, check the status of their reply, and access helpful information, available to them 24/7.

Over the last number of months this Courts Service project has been piloted in Kilkenny, Mayo, Tipperary, and Waterford. The pilot has been a success and is now rolling out nationwide on a phased basis. For more information consult our video:

Courts Service CEO Angela Denning said, “To-date, within the four pilot counties, approximately 30% of people who responded to their Jury Summons did so using the new, online platform. This is higher than other systems internationally, and very high for a pilot scheme.

“Encouragingly, feedback received from those who used the new platform has been positive”.

“The addition to our current paper-based system of a new, alternative digital platform is about offering people different options when responding to the jury summons”.

Ms Denning said, “Providing user-friendly options for people to engage with our services is at the heart of the Courts Service Modernisation Programme. Our Modernisation programme aims to realise our Strategic Vision 2030 to support access to justice in a modern, digital Ireland”.

The platform will allow for 24/7 access to those who have received a summons, providing immediate updates on any changes in times, dates or jury cancellations, and immediate electronic responses to requests for excusals by people.

This new digital platform reduces the reliance on paper-based processes, and many outdated tech platforms, offering an improved customer service that is inclusive and provides for digital first solutions.

Speaking about potential benefits Ms Denning noted

“The benefits of this online option for the user we anticipate will include increased customer satisfaction and improved accessibility to our services.”

A centralised Jury Summons Office is now well-established in Castlebar, which helped with creating lean processes, and will help create a concentration of experience and knowledge over the years. This helped the digital Jury project team in working to improve the current Jury system, with the new, online Jury platform.

The new platform has the potential to reduce the time of opening and handling of letters, and work hours dedicated to answering phone-calls freeing up staff for other front office, customer service and court duties.

The new platform will be available to those being called for jury service in the Wicklow area from this week, and rollout will extend to those living in counties across the country on a phased basis over the coming months.

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