Beware of aggressive seagulls in Wicklow, says top pest control provider

Hold on to your chicken rolls for dear life, the breeding season isn’t over yet and there’s still some mean seagulls out there.

Top pest control provider Rentokil have issued a warning to everyone living in coastal and urban areas to stay vigilant in the final month of the seagulls’ breeding season.

The breeding season for seagulls starts in March and ends in September, and while we’re nearly out of the danger zone, Rentokil are asking people living in coastal and urban areas to remain cautious as the winged bandits continue act aggressively and pilfer food for their young.

In the warning, Rentokil stressed that “Gulls are likely to harass or attempt to pilfer food from the public and raid waste bins in search of sustenance for their offspring. Urban environments provide easy access to food waste, and tall buildings mimic the high cliff tops where gulls traditionally nest.”

The company have also stated the potential health hazards associated with seagull droppings, which can be breeding grounds for E coli and Salmonella. The droppings can prove harmful by spreading infection through surface contamination, inhalation, or transmission from bird mites.

Colm Moore, Area Technical Manager at Rentokil, advises: “Gulls can become a significant nuisance for homeowners and businesses at any time of year but particularly when they are nesting. However, there are proactive steps you can take:

  • Remove Food Sources: The most effective way to discourage the presence of birds is to eliminate their food sources.
  • Block Nesting Sites: Installing barriers over window ledges can effectively deter birds from nesting on your property.
  • Secure Bin Lids: Ensure that bin lids are securely closed and avoid leaving rubbish bags exposed, as gulls are known for their ability to tear through them.
  • Consider Decoy Birds of Prey: Using fake decoy birds of prey can discourage pest birds from your premises as they will not want to roost where they see predators.
  • Seek Professional Help: If the problem persists, it is advisable to consult a professional pest control service.

Members of the public can find more information about managing pest birds and deterring their presence on the Rentokil website.

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