‘Behind the Veil – Our Journey to Freedom’ receives massive praise

Behind the Veil – Our Journey to Freedom was a powerful event organised to showcase the strength and incredible art of survivors of domestic abuse.

Organised by Greystones Family Resource Centre and Bray Women’s Refuge together with ANU, Wicklow Domestic Violence Supports at the Whale Theatre on Saturday, a spokesperson said “Our mission is to provide a platform for individuals who have experienced domestic violence to express themselves and heal through art. The exhibition will feature a diverse range of art forms, sculptures, stories, poetry and mixed media works, all created by survivors of domestic violence. These artworks serve as a testament to their courage and resilience in the face of adversity.”

Speaking after the event, Social Democrats’ Deputy Whitmore said: “The Behind The Veil exhibition by domestic abuse survivors was truly, a powerful and moving experience. The powerful artwork and atmosphere created at the exhibit showcased the incredible strength and creativity of domestic abuse survivors.”  

“Art, whether it is sculpture, stories, poetry or mixed media works, has the power to evoke emotion, open dialogue, and challenge paradigms. It can be used to inspire action, call attention to injustice, and bring visibility to issues that would otherwise remain unseen. Beyond the Veil exhibition did that brilliantly. It is so important that the work is acknowledged, understood and supported.”

“Everything on display served as a testament to the courage and resilience of their creators and in particular the ‘hanging out the dirty washing’ concept was so compelling. It was so real to read the reasons and go on the journey through why survivors don’t leave, what happens when they do, the thought process that survivors go through, and the hope that survivors felt in the aftermath.  In creating this space, the Beyond The Veil  exhibition has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the impact that domestic violence has on individuals and communities.”

“Christmas can be a dangerous time for women and their children experiencing domestic violence. I would encourage people in Wicklow to do what they can to support Domestic Violence Charities that can offer some light, hope and solidarity to women and their families experiencing domestic violence. Together, we can raise awareness and inspire positive change for survivors of domestic abuse,” concluded Whitmore.

Cllr. Steven Stokes, who also attended the event, said “It was good to attend the ‘Behind the Veil – Our Journey to Freedom’ exhibition this morning by Greystones Family Resource Centre & Bray Women’s Refuge. It highlighted the issue of domestic violence. The stories of those affected were very moving. Special thanks to The Whale Theatre for hosting.”

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