Top-drawer tips for getting your Chrimbo shopping finished early

Yes, we know, Christmas comes earlier every year and it seems to be a point of contention for many. But getting the hard part over and done with might just be the key to enjoying the rest of the festivities this year.

You’ve heard the horror stories, and maybe you’ve even been there yourself, of town main streets choc-a-bloc on the 23rd of December with helpess shoppers staring through windows or Googling brand names in one last ditch attempt to make Christmas happen. Actually, maybe we HAVE all been there at one point in our lives.

But there are ways you can tackle the festive season, get your shopping out of the way, and maybe even allow yourself the smug joy of knowing you’ve had your Christmas gifts bought almost a month in advance. It’s all about those little victories.

  1. Shop Local.

Co. Wicklow has a wealth of shopping opportunities right on your doorstep, so if you can get that special gift locally – you’ll be supporting your community at the same time.

2. Start your list.

Make a list of the people you’ll be buying for, a budget of how much you can spend, and mark a calendar for your day(s) of action. Sit on your gift list for a little while and remember to take items off it if you feel that you’re overspending.

3. Categorise.

Are you buying for many children this year? If so, then maybe you can buy everything in one toy shop on the one day. Similarly, if you are buying for adult loved ones, maybe there’s one or two gift shops where you can kill two (or many more) birds with one stone.

4. Get in there before the crowds do.

You know December is going to be a free-for-all in the shopping department, so why not try and get as much done as you can in November? Try to avoid big commercial spending days if you can, unless you’ve been waiting for a special Black Friday deal, of course. All we can do in that instance is wish you good luck.

5. Draw your line in the sand.

Have you completed your list? Good, now stick a fork in it – you’re done. Costs inevitably rise over the Christmas period with such things to consider like food, wrapping papers, decorations etc. But once you’ve completed your list of gifts, let that be the end of it and don’t be overly tempted to go overboard with your shopping.

So, in essence, getting your Christmas shopping done early is a matter of planning ahead, strategic execution, and deciding when enough is enough.

Don’t be caught out this Christmas, and remember – take some time to enjoy the season in all its glitter and warmth. Shopping may be one element of it, but your mental health and enjoyment of it are much more important.

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