Wicklow-based reusables company Ecoset urge the public to ditch the disposables

According to Wicklow-based reusables company, Ecoset, there are a number of compelling reasons why we should ditch the disposables for a cleaner coast.

Single-use items are a product of a convenience-driven society, says Wicklow-based Ecoset, which is why it’s easy for us to forget the long-term environmental impact of these products, such as disposable cups, vapes, and plastic wrappings.

And though there has been much conversation and debate over the impact of these pollutants on our environment and our beautiful coastline, it doesn’t seem like the message is being heard loudly enough.

Ecoset, who specialise in reusable products such as mugs and tumblers, have outlined five very important reasons we should avoid disposables and make a greater effort to reuse.

  1. We are creating more waste than ever.

According to Repak, a company that helps businesses comply with EU packaging regulations, 22,000 disposable cups are discarded every hour in Ireland. That amounts to 528,000 per day, and a staggering 200 million cups every year.

2. Incineration only leads to air pollution.

While disposable cups may give the impression that they are recyclable, most of them actually contain a plastic lining that can not be recycled, and to make matters worse – this plastic creates toxic fumes when incinerated.

3. The production of these cups is draining energy.

If we’re using 200 million disposable cups per year, think of how many cups are being produced in that time. The production of disposable cups involves a complex and energy-intensive process, from sourcing raw materials like paper and plastic to manufacturing, transportation, and disposal. Each stage demands significant energy inputs, contributing to a substantial carbon footprint.

4. Our coastlines are at risk.

County Wicklow has some of the most beautiful beaches and coastlines, which is evident by how many visitors we get every summer – or even just on an unusually warm weekend. However, the improper disposal of disposable cups is creating litter on our coasts and harming the wildlife and the environment. The plastic within these cups breaks down into harmful microplastics, posing threats of entanglement, suffocation, and digestive issues for marine animals.

5. We have alternatives.

We know that people in Ireland love their takeaway coffee, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. However, by making the simple switch, and purchasing a reusable cup, you can enjoy your favourite beverages guilt-free, knowing that you’re actively reducing waste and contributing to a cleaner, greener future. Plus, with the possibility of a ‘latte levy’ on the horizon, opting for a reusable cup may prove to be a savvy financial decision as well.

Despite the grim facts and statistics surrounding disposable coffee cup waste, Ecoset remains optimistic about the positive changes emerging from their collaborations with industry partners.

Oscar Lai, Director of Operations, Ecoset, said, “The potential for change is palpable. We’re witnessing a surge in demand for co-branded reusable cups from cafes, restaurants and both large and smaller corporate companies throughout Ireland. This signals a growing awareness of the need to break free from the cycle of single-use disposables and embrace reusable alternatives.”

 Many companies are taking proactive steps, such as collaborating with Ecoset to develop their own branded reusable mugs. By offering these alternatives to their customers, they’re not only promoting sustainability but also empowering individuals to make eco-conscious choices in their daily lives.

Find out more about Ecoset products here.

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